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Rewards can only be redeemed on the desktop version of the application, but check out what's available below!

Bioré® Deep Cleansing Pore Strips (8 Count)
Bioré® Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser
$5 Starbucks Electronic Gift Card
$5 Amazon.com Electronic Gift Card
Fitness Magazine 1 year subscription
AMC Movie Ticket
$10 iTunes Electronic Gift Card
$10 CVS Electronic Gift Card
75 CM Exercise Ball
Vera Bradley Ribbon Bag
2GB Ipod Shuffle (Silver)



How do I earn Prove It!® Reward Points?

There are several ways to earn points: 1) Buy specially marked packages of Bioré® Pore Strips and enter the Prove It!® Reward point code found on the insert inside the package. 2) Answer Daily Trivia Questions and complete Daily Prove It!® Reward challenges. 3) Once in a while we'll post some survey questions you can answer for more points-- so keep an eye out on the dashboard! 4) Check out the "Earn More Points" section to learn which actions will earn you even more points. For example, you can earn 50 points just for visiting the application two days in a row!

Why doesn’t my code work?

Codes are only valid for one use, so if yours has been previously submitted it is no longer valid. If you have never entered the code before, please try to re-enter. If you still receive an error, please call Consumer Care at 1-888-BIORE-11

Why am I getting an error message?

If you are entering a code and receiving an error, please reference “Why Doesn’t My Code Work” above. If you are receiving a Facebook error or having a slow load of your application pages, please refresh your browser and/or check your Internet connection.

When do the Daily Trivia Questions and Prove It!® Reward Challenges refresh?

A new Daily Trivia Question and Prove It!® Reward Challenge appear every day at 12:00am EST. If you have already completed Daily Trivia Question or Prove It!® Reward Challenge, you will not be able to answer another one until 12:00am EST the next day.

How will I know if I earned points?

Your Available and Lifetime points are displayed on the dashboard. Click on the Point History button on the dashboard to see each time you earned points.


Why didn’t I get 50 bonus points or a chance to win a free product when I joined via mobile?

Currently, this feature is only offered on the desktop version of Prove It! When you joined on the mobile version, you should have received a link in your email asking you to register on the desktop version. If you did not receive your email, please check your junk/spam folder. You will receive your reward (50 bonus points OR free product) when you register via the desktop version.

Why don’t the mobile and desktop versions look identical?

There are some features that are not available on the mobile site and are only available on the desktop application. The only features available on the mobile site are viewing Available Points, viewing Membership Level, answering Daily Trivia Questions, completing, Daily Prove It!® Reward challenges, entering product codes, viewing the rewards, viewing FAQs, and viewing News.

Can I redeem rewards on mobile?

No, you have to be logged in to the desktop version of Prove It!® Reward Points to redeem rewards.


How will I know what rewards are available?

Click on the 'Redeem Points' tab on the navigation bar in order to see which rewards are available. Your Available Points will be listed at the top of the page. A "get it now" button will appear next to rewards you are eligible to redeem in the ‘Redeem’ column. Click the button to learn more details and redeem your points for your reward.

How can I check if I’ve claimed a reward?

When you claim a reward, the points will be deducted from your point total. You can also check your Redeem History from the Redeem Points tab.

Can I claim the same reward more than once?

If the reward is available and you have enough points, you can redeem your points for that reward, even if you have claimed it before.
Beauty and golf treatment rewards, however, may only be claimed once every 90 days only.

Why didn’t I receive the reward/product/etc. that I requested?

Your reward should arrive within 8-10 weeks of point redemption. If your reward has not arrived within that time frame, please contact Consumer Care for more information at 1-888-BIORE-11

How will I receive my free product reward?

You will receive an actual product mailed to you within 8-10 weeks of redeeming.

How will I receive my coupon product reward?

You must print your coupon at the time you redeem your points (see full directions below). Your coupon will NOT be mailed or emailed to you. Please make sure you have read the directions below BEFORE attempting to print your coupon.

How do I redeem my points for a coupon?

1) Click “get it now” next to a coupon on the redeem points page.
2) A pop-up window will appear. Click the “get my coupon” button once you’ve read the instructions. Note: Once you click this button, your points will be deducted from your points total.
3) Once you are taken to the coupon website, click “download coupon.”
4) Read the instructions on the next screen, making sure your printer is turned on and has enough paper and ink.
5) Click “Print Coupons.” If you have not installed the coupon printer, click “install coupon printer” and follow the instructions for installing the software. (You will only have to install the software once.) If you have already installed the coupon printer, skip ahead to step 9.
6) Click on “Save File” to download the installer
7) Open the downloaded file and double-click on the “Coupon Printing Installer” icon
8) Follow the instructions and install the coupon printing software.
9) Once you see the Thank You! Screen from the coupon printing website, you are free to close the window and return to the application.

How often do rewards change?

Rewards may change at any time, but don’t worry; you will always be alerted immediately through Prove It!® Reward Points if a reward changes.

How long does it take to receive a product reward?

You will receive your product within 8-10 weeks of ordering.

I did not receive my voucher for my beauty/golf reward.

Contact Promoter at (1) 617-939-0388 or by email at Biore@rewardrequest.com,if you have any questions or concerns regarding this Voucher.

I do not understand beauty/golf/music/online cooking/online wellness rewards.

Contact Promoter at (1) 617-939-0388 or by email at Biore@rewardrequest.com,if you have any questions or concerns regarding these rewards.

Some of your rewards say they are available for a “Limited Time Only”, how long is that?

These rewards are currently available through 5/31/12


What are membership levels?

Based on the number of lifetime points that you have within the Prove It! Reward Points program, you will be given a membership level/title based on the points table below:

Point Value
0 - 1,999
Skincare Starter
2,000- 4,999
5,000 - 9,999
Bonafide Blemish-Fighter
10,000 - 19,999
Regimen Master
Skincare Guru

You earn a badge based on your level, but do not gain additional points.
Membership levels do hold special benefits which can be changed at anytime. You will be alerted within the Prove It!® Reward Points application when there is a special bonus available for your membership level.


What are Lifetime Points?

Lifetime points are the total number of points that you have earned since your registered for Prove It!® Reward Points. They are not impacted by redeeming product

What are Available Points?

Available Points are the total number of points that are available for redemption.

What is the leaderboard?

Based on your lifetime points , your name will appear next to your position in the leaderboard.
The top 25 Prove It!® Reward members will appear in this list
There are no special benefits/rewards/points associated with the leaderboard.


Can I receive more than one bonus reward?

No. If you receive a bonus reward upon sign up, you will not be eligible to receive another one. This includes bonus rewards shared from a friend. If a friend shares a bonus reward code with you and you have already received a bonus reward, that code will not work for you.


How do I use this application?

Access the application from the Bioré® Skincare Facebook Page, your Facebook application dashboard, or http://apps.Facebook.com/ProveItRewards. Within the application, earn points by correctly answering the Daily Trivia Questions and completing Prove It!® Reward Challenges, entering product codes, and engaging in other activities as listed in the “Earn More Points” section on the dashboard. Click on the Redeem Points tab on the navigation bar to redeem your points for a reward.

Which Bioré® products include point codes?

Currently, our point codes can only be found in specially-marked packages of Bioré® Pore Strips, but stay tuned to Prove It!® Reward for the latest info on updates. There are also other ways to gain points through the Prove It!® Reward application.

Why do you have to be on Facebook to join?

Our Bioré® Skincare Facebook page is where our fans can get the latest information about our products and promotions, so we decided Prove It!® Reward Points should join in the fun!

Why do I need a computer to join?

Currently, our Prove It!® Reward Points program is only available through our Facebook page, so you must have access to an internet connection, like our page on Facebook, and allow the Prove It!® Reward Point application to join.

Will this application work on my phone?

There is a mobile version of the application available for recognized smartphones. The mobile version does not include all of the features of the desktop version.

Who is eligible to join Prove It!® Reward Points?

The Program is open to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia who are 18 years of age or older at the time of enrollment in the Program.Employees of Sponsor and any agencies or companies involved in the development or execution of the Program, and their immediate family (spouse/partner, parents, siblings and children) and household members of each such employee, may not participate in the Program.
The Program is provided to individuals only. Corporations, associations or other groups may not participate in the Program. It is fraudulent for any individual or company, association, or group to direct, encourage, or allow individuals to use a single Account for the purpose of accumulating points for combined use.

I can’t find the answer to my question here, how do I contact Consumer Care?

Please call 1-888-BIORE-11 (1-888-246-7311) for additional questions concerning the Prove It!® Reward Points application or Bioré® Skincare products.


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